Disclosure policy

This Disclosure Policy has been adopted by the Board of Directors of Verkkokauppa.com Oyj on 15 July 2021. This Disclosure Policy describes the key principles that Verkkokauppa.com, as a listed company, complies with in its investor communication and financial reporting and when communicating with its shareholders and other capital market parties, media and other stakeholders. In its communication and disclosure, Verkkokauppa.com complies with EU and Finnish legislation, the rules and guidelines of Nasdaq Helsinki Oy, the regulations and guidelines of the European Securities Markets Authority and the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority, as well as the company’s internal policies and guidelines.

1. Objective and principles

The key principles of the communication and disclosure of the Company are timeliness, consistency, impartiality, and transparency.

The purpose of the company’s investor relations function is to support the fair value of Verkkokauppa.com’s financial instruments by providing the financial market with consistent, correct, relevant, and reliable information on the company to ensure that capital market participants have transparent and clear a picture of the company, its operations, objectives, strategy and financial situation. The aim is to guarantee that all market participants receive the information that the company communicates simultaneously.

2. Channels

The primary communication channel for up-to-date information for all stakeholders is Verkkokauppa.com’s website (www.verkkokauppa.com). Verkkokauppa.com aims to provide on its website reliable and extensive information to enable investors to form an accurate understanding of the Company. The Company publishes also materials used in investor and analyst meetings on its website.

Verkkokauppa.com’s stock exchange releases are published through a professional news distribution service provider (which entail distribution to e.g. Nasdaq Helsinki and key media), as well as on the Company’s website where they will be made available in connection with the publication or other disclosure. The Company’s press releases are published to key media and on the Company’s website. Subscriptions for the Verkkokauppa.com’s releases can be made on the Company’s website. The releases are archived for five years and financial and other reports under regular disclosure obligation for ten years.

Verkkokauppa.com’s official reporting language is Finnish. The stock exchange releases and financial reports, which are published under the disclosure obligation, are published in Finnish and English.

3. Silent period

Verkkokauppa.com applies a silent period of 30 days before the publication of year-end financial statements releases, half-yearly reports and interim reports. During this time the representatives of the Company do not meet with the capital market representatives or give interviews or comment on the financial standing of the Company or the Company’s future outlook. The dates of the publication of the results and silent periods are disclosed on the investor calendar on the Company’s website.

If during a silent period, an event requires immediate disclosure, Verkkokauppa.com publishes the information without delay according to regulations regarding duty of disclosure and decides on a case-by-case basis whether to give interviews, such communication will be limited to the relevant event only.

4. Responsible persons

The Company’s CEO and CFO comment on the financial situation and published future outlook of the Company. Further, members of the Management Team may give statements regarding their business areas, e.g. regarding product launch, in accordance with given instructions. The Chairman primarily represents the Board of Directors. The CEO or other managers of the Company shall not comment on matters related to the Board of Directors of Verkkokauppa.com.

The Company’s CFO is responsible for investor relations as a function. Investor relations can be reached at: investors@verkkokauppa.com.

The Company’s releases are available on the Company’s website.

Verkkokauppa.com Disclosure policy (PDF)