Managers' Transactions release – 2021 Oyj - Managers' Transactions – Saara Tikkanen Oyj                MANAGERS’ TRANSACTIONS                May 19, 2021 at 13:00 EEST Oyj has received a notification from Saara Tikkanen, Oyj's management team member, of a transaction made with Oyj’s financial instrument, according to the Article 19 of EU Market Abuse Regulation. Detailed information about the transaction is given here under.

Person subject to the notification requirement
Name: Saara Tikkanen
Position: Other senior manager

Issuer: Oyj
LEI: 743700QZE6B52SHHTV75

Reference number: 743700QZE6B52SHHTV75_20210518214202_31

Transaction date: 17 May 2021
Instrument type: SHARE
ISIN: FI4000049812
Nature of the transaction: ACQUISITION

Transaction details

(1) Volume: 649 Unit price: 8.340 EUR

(2) Volume: 113 Unit price: 8.340 EUR

(3) Volume: 320 Unit price: 8.340 EUR

(4) Volume: 339 Unit price: 8.340 EUR

(5) Volume: 116 Unit price: 8.340 EUR

(6) Volume: 159 Unit price: 8.350 EUR

(7) Volume: 50 Unit price: 8.350 EUR

(8) Volume: 700 Unit price: 8.360 EUR

(9) Volume: 54 Unit price: 8.360 EUR

Aggregated transactions
(9): Volume: 2,500 Volume weighted average price: 8.34687 EUR

More information:
Marja Mäkinen, Head of Investor Relations
Tel. +358 40 671 2999

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