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Investors as an investment as an investment’s goal is to be a Nordic leader in retail. The Company’s shares are listed on the official list of Nasdaq Helsinki under the ticker symbol VERK.

Omnichannel and scalable business model’s agile and scalable business model effectively combines a webstore and four megastores. The competitive advantages and strengths include:

  • Fastest fulfilment & low costs
  • Leading platform
  • Most efficient retail operations
  • Strong brand with rebel attitude.

The continuously evolving, omnichannel service concept ensures a superior customer experience. offers more than 70,000 products. The customer promise of the company is to sell its products at probably always cheaper prices.

Strong market position as retail goes online

The constant changes in consumer behavior and in the retail sector support the shift towards online and mobile.’s webstore received 82 million visits in 2022. It is Finland’s best-known and most visited webstore. has a strong foothold in consumer electronics in Finland. Despite the very competitive and price-driven market, has succeeded in outgrowing the market.

Striving for a growing dividend

The dividend distribution policy of states that the company pays out a quarterly growing dividend. The company's target is to pay out 60-80 percent of annual net profit in quarterly growing dividends. However, in order to improve the company’s equity ratio, the Board of Directors will propose to the Annual General Meeting 2024 that no dividend be paid on the result for 2023.

The dividend policy is based on's aim to continuously grow its business and profit.

Due to the company’s financial performance during 2022, and the prevailing uncertainties in the economic development going forward, the Annual General Meeting decided that deviates from its dividend distribution policy and no dividend was distributed from the profit of the

Dividend history

Stable financial position supports growth is a company with a strong balance sheet position. The cash reserves are appropriate for business development and enable the determined pursuit of growth. With the 2024-2028 strategy, the company aims for faster than the market, annual revenue growth (CAGR) of over 5 percent, an annual operating profit margin of over 5 percent and to reduce fixed costs to less than 10 percent of revenue by the end of 2028.


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Marja Mäkinen

Head of Investor Relations