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Reporting channel for suspected violations strives to act transparently and ethically.

This policy describes how employees, customers and other stakeholders can report activity that they suspect to be contrary to’s ethical guidelines and other corporate policies and that may harm individuals or the company. The reporting methods and reporting channel (Whistleblowing), that give ways to report suspicions of misconduct or policy violations for internal investigation in are described below. is dedicated to promoting ethical behavior and we expect all employees to act responsibly and comply with company guidelines.

All employees also have the responsibility to support ethical conduct at by reporting any observations of violations or suspected violations of company guidelines. Such matters may relate to a suspicion of money-laundering, misuse of insider information or other unethical conduct.

When is reporting necessary and how to act?

If a person becomes aware of behaviour or practice that is in violation of the company’s ethical guidelines and/or other policies or suspects financial malpractice, the person can act as follows:

Alternative 1: The employee can report the matter to his/her supervisor

  • An employee with a concern about the company should primarily contact his/her supervisor.

Alternative 2: The employee can report the matter to the company management or HR-department

  • If the employee so wishes or the concern relates to the employee’s supervisor, a report can be made to the company management or HR-department.

  • In questions of interpretation concerning the employment relation, working environment, HR matters or other similar questions, the employee should contact the HR-department.

Alternative 3: The stakeholder can report the matter to contact person at or company management

  • The company encourages primarily its stakeholders to discuss the concern with their contact person at company’s representative.

  • If the stakeholder so wishes or the concern relates to the stakeholder’s contact person, a report can also be made to the company management.

Alternative 4: The employee or stakeholder can report the matter, either with his/her name or anonymously through the reporting channel (Whistleblowing)

  • The report can be made confidentially by e-mail to the address or by mail Oyj, Compliance, Tyynenmerenkatu 11, 6 krs. 00220 Helsinki.

  • Before making a report, you must acquaint yourself with the Company’s Whistleblowing policy.

  • The Company wishes that the person making the report includes their contact details to make further investigation more efficient. If so desired, anonymous reports may also be submitted.

  • Should you wish to make an anonymous report, please ensure that the report does not contain personal information or other information whereby you could be identified (e.g. create a previously unused and anonymous e-mail address)

  • This reporting channel is available to all external stakeholders.

  • If you want to give the report face to face you can book a meeting from


The company is committed to carefully investigating all reports and taking the necessary action in relation to the report, regardless of the channel that it arrives through.

The following principles are applied to the notifications:

  • All whistleblowing reports are handled confidentially.

  • A report will not be investigated by someone who may be concerned or connected with the misgiving.

  • The whistleblowing team will, when needed, submit follow-up questions via the reporting channel.

  • No one from the whistleblowing team, or anyone taking part in the investigation process, will attempt to identify the whistleblower by any means.

Whistleblower protection

The Company does not tolerate any form of inappropriate treatment towards person making the report in a good faith.

It is prohibited to make reports with malicious intent or otherwise using incorrect information. Misuse of the reporting channel by deliberately reporting false or malicious information, is a serious offence and may result in disciplinary action, including dismissal.

Treatment of confidential information

The personal data in the whistleblowing system is protected against unauthorised access. The personal data and other information entered into the whistleblowing system is processed with confidentially and in the manner required by the applicable privacy legislation (including GDPR).

Other information

Whistleblowing policy
For more information regarding the processing of personal data, please read our privacy policies.
Supplier Code of Conduct

Marja Mäkinen

Head of Investor Relations